Red Sofa


Buy for Rs. 5,000
Rent for Rs. 700 / per day

Rental Terms and Condition
Rs. 5,000 security deposit
Rent slots by 24hrs
Address proof / ID proof
Broken considered sold
More then 24 hrs will be calculated as 2 days

1. We have taken the utmost care designing our props, keeping in mind the safety of your little clients. We insist you to always use these props under adult supervision for the safety of the babies and toddlers.
2.Viewing the props on different monitors and in varied lighting setups can make them appear divergently. So you might expect a slight variation of the actual props from that of the pictures displayed on the page.
3. Every piece used to design the prop is handmade from scratch, hence you might come across natural blemishes in the wood as an
integral part of the product itself. 4. All the props have a mere purpose to be used in photography and have no actual functionality to be used as furniture.
5. Our unique craftsmanship makes every item distinctive hence no two products will be identical.
6. Items other than the title are only to evince the setup idea and do not come free with the product.